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Leadership, Prosperity,
and True Independence

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Facts about Emma


Emma believes the Malagasy people deserve to be represented and led by strong and thoughtful leadership. She will work toward a leadership that respects the people’s voices and the country’s democratic process.


Emma’s own educational opportunities have helped her succeed in opening a local business that employs 300 Malagasy. She believes that education and the responsible management of our country’s resources can enable every Malagasy the opportuniy to prosper.

True Independence

Emma believes in a system that enables Malagasy to determine their own future, individually and collectively, without fear of retribution or violence.

From the Listening Tour

Emma’s Listening Tour

Recently, Emma has been traveling all over the country, from Bezaha to Antananarivo, because she wants to listen to and understand the concerns of Malagasy. She has spent time with village and community leaders, doctors and nurses, students, farmers, business leaders, police and gendarme officials, and everyday citizens alike, and their message is unified and